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North Carolina
"A few days after the spell casting was finished I began to notice immediate changes in my husband. He's much more open, patient, and forgiving now and our relationship has grown much stronger."


"I had tried multiple black magic and voodoo spells to help heal my relationship but your love spells are by far the fastest and most helpful I've ever come across. Thank you so much for everything!"


United Kingdom
"I was desperate to get my ex-boyfriend back after we hit a rough patch in our relationship. I had tried other spell casters but was very dissapointed with their results but you guys managed to help me quick!"


"Trueloveltd helped me when I didn't know where to turn to, there are so many spell casters but none have taken the time to help me before and after the spell casting as you guys have, keep up the great work!"


"When My sister suggested I look into love spells to help my marriage I was extremely skeptical, but after witnessing a complete 180 in my marriage I'm now convinced. Thank you for your assistance."


"Before the love spells me and my boyfriend were constantly fighting, but we knew we loved each other. After going through the heart binding spell together our relationship is now at peace"

Our Story

The TrueLoveLTD team consists of Alyx, Annabelle, and Kamla. Three highly experienced spell casters with a total combined experience of nearly 25 years. While we all have a background in multiple spells, we realized many years ago that love spells deserve a certain priority due to their importance. 

For nearly 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to exclusively performing love spells for people who need a healing hand in their relationship. Our work has given us tremendous happiness and purpose and nothing puts a bigger smile our face than when we know we've made a difference. 

We believe it's important to not only offer insight into the issues surrounding a relationship but also provide all possible solutions so that everyone from new spell casters to the most experienced can get a more accurate reading and perform the correct spells or perhaps have us perform them should they need it. We don't hold back the results of our readings as we believe transparency and honesty is crucial when it comes to romantic issues. 

Our Spells

While there is a wide and ever growing library of spells available for casting when it comes to your romantic life every spell we recommend must meet all of the following criteria:


Not all spells have the same results and while there are many newer spells and ones which are touted as improvements on existing ones we strongly believe that romance is not the place to be conducting experiments. Every spell we recommend is one that has been passed down for centuries and has a track record of actually fixing the issues that are present in the relationship.


One major advantage of using spells which have been around for a long time is that there is no guessing or refinement needed in order to perform the spell correctly the first time. Additionally we only select the spells which are known for bringing results quickly. We understand the pain and stress of heartache and want everyone to put the relationship issues behind them and move on to a better future.


Love spells can be very powerful in more ways than one but we put safety above all else, we strictly practice white magic and will not perform black magic spells and under no circumstances would we recommend them to anyone. 


While quick fixes are tempting we know that in order to truly be fulfilled in your relationship people need spells that will continue to work far into the future, emergency quick fix spells have their place for use but we believe that a long term solution is the best one 

Our Experience

After nearly a decade of counseling people with their relationship issues we are able to quickly and effectively cast a wide range of spells for just about any situation you may be facing. Some of our more popular spell requests include:

Get Back My Ex

Losing a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful experiences especially when you know that there is so much potential in the relationship, more often than not we find that the deep love is still there but the spiritual friction between the two of you has been around so long that it finally explodes and results in a breakup. The good news is that we often find only 1 or 2 major issues need to be resolved and because the bond between the two of you is already established results come quicker than you may expect. 

Stop A Divorce Or Breakup

You may have not gone through a breakup or divorce yet but your intuition tells you that if something doesn't change quick then one may be around the corner, unfortunately your inner voice is often right but fortunately its not too late yet to act. While these scenarios aren't as quick to resolve as getting back an ex (due to the current lingering friction) they still can easily be resolved with the right spells. 

Make Them Fall In Love With Me

You may have your eye on somebody or even already be in a relationship but you feel that there is something missing, a deeper connection or a certain x factor that just doesn't feel present. More often than not we find that the person is putting up a barrier and guarding their emotions, in these cases we use a special spell that will almost instantly destroy these barriers and allow their true feelings come to the surface without a filter. 

Help Them Stay Faithful

Temptation is around every corner and contrary to popular belief cheating isn't an act of betrayal but an act of self-sabotage. These situations are not caused by a lack of love but instead are the result of emotional trauma and baggage that the person carries. The most effective remedy is often a clearing spell that will eliminate the romantic trauma they have suffered in the past and allow the person to know they deserve to be loved. 

Attract My Soulmate

Everyone has one, but where are they? The rules of modern dating have certainly made it harder to find them but with a soulmate attraction casting you will be shocked at just how "random" and "coincidental" love at first sight can be. 

Forgive And Forget The Past

Every couple gets into arguments and wishes they could redo the past, often its easy for people to say they forgive you but you know deep down it's still lingering in their mind and they're not entirely ready to forget. In these cases we cast a rapid healing spell that will ease their mind and lift the burden from yours so that you can both return to totally and completely loving each other, almost as if it never even happened. 

Banishment Spells

You trust your partner, but are uncomfortable with how close somebody else is getting to them. Banishment spells are the perfect solution to stop any potential problems before they stop by totally banishing somebody from having any romantic interest in your partner.

3 Easy Steps

1 - Request A Reading

Start by requesting a free reading so that we can get a better spiritual grasp on your situation and evaluate which spells should be cast. 

2 - Spell Casting 

After your reading we'll let you know which spells we believe will work best in your situation so you can do them yourself or have us perform them for you. 

3 - Counseling

Spell casting is important but what happens after the spell is cast is equally important. We'll help you navigate the change process so you know what to expect and how to manage it properly. 

Get Started

Request your free reading and get the results within 4-12 hours. Once your reading is complete we'll email you our findings and suggest which spells to use for your case. 
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